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Xero Outlook Contact Loader Help

Step 1 - Running the Application

If you have successfully installed the Xero Outlook Contact Loader application it can be launched from both the Desktop and the Start Menu. (Search for Xero).

Step 2 - Authorise the Application

In order to transfer contact information into your Xero Company the application requires authorization from Xero.

To get a Xero authorisation code simply click anywhere near the middle of the Xero Outlook Contact Loader.

This will open a Xero Authorisation page in your web brower.

Select the organisation you want to upload contacts into from the drop down box and press the green Authorise button.

Note that if you are not already signed into Xero you will be asked to do so before the Authorisation page is displayed.

Xero wil now generate an Authorisation code.

Copy this code into the corresponding box in the Contact Loader application and press the Continue button.

This code gives the Contact Loader 30 minutes access to your Xero organisation.

You are now ready to transfer Outlook contacts to Xero.

Step 3 - Transferring Contacts

Open your Outlook contacts folder and place the Contact Loader application close by on your desktop.

To upload a contact to Xero simply select a contact in Outlook and drag it onto the box on the Contact Loader's left hand side.

When the mouse cursor is in position release the button. The contact will be uploaded to Xero. You will see a green notification in the Contact Loader indicating a successful contact upload.

If there is a problem with the contact then the notification message in the Contact Loader will be in red or orange and will tell you what went wrong.

If you experience any difficulties please contact us for assistance.