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Xero Outlook Contact Loader Install

The Xero Outlook Contact Loader is is a free application to demonstrate our expertise in transferring data to and from Xero.

If you maintain your contacts in Microsoft Outlook then you may have experienced the frustration of having to re-enter contact details in Xero in order to generate invoices etc.

This program installs into Windows and makes it easy to transfer Outlook contacts into Xero. The following instructions show how to install the application into Windows. The Help shows how to use the application to transfer contacts to Xero.

Press the green Install button below to begin the installation process. The first part of the install will vary depending on the browser you have installed. Select the instructions specific to your browser below.

Step 1 - Download the Installer

Microsoft Internet Explorer

IE has the simplest install process. After pressing the Install button you should you should see the form shown below under Step 2 - Run the Installer

Mozilla Firefox

Depending on how your Firefox is set up, clicking the Install button will either launch the application right away, in which case you will see the form below under Step 2 - Run the Installer, or it will save the installer file; it may ask you where to save it, or it may save it automatically. Once it's saved you can bring up the Downloads dialog by holding down the CTRL key and pressing J:

Double click the application in the Downloads box to bring up the form shown below.

Google Chrome

When you press the Install button Chrome will show the following warning in the bottom left corner. Press the Keep button to continue the install.

The warning message shown above should quickly change to the following button. Press this button to continue the installation process.

After pressing the button you should now see the form shown below.

Step 2 - Run the Installer

Click the Install button to begin the install.

It will take a few moments to download and install.

Once the install is complete the program will launch.