Information Age

Social Media

We can help you set up your social media accounts, or we can integrate them into a website for you.


We can embed your twitter feed into a website. We can also embed a custom feed drawing from any number of Twitter accounts and/or hashtags. Another option is to automatically post to your Twitter for you, for example when you add a new product to the website.


We can add Facebook like buttons to your site, or we can have it so that when you update certain things on your website (perhaps adding a new product for example) it automatically posts to your Facebook page. Alternatively you may wish to have Facebook comments on some of your pages.


If you have a Flickr account for your photos, we can synchronise your website with Flickr so that images posted to your Flickr account show up on your website, or vice versa.


If you need to post videos, it's best to store them on YouTube - we can automatically embed all the videos and/or playlists from your YouTube account into your website, or you can choose which videos you want to appear.


Disqus is a commenting system - we can add the ability for the general public to comment on any pages of your website that you wish - although if you prefer you can have Facebook comments instead.